Canadian Opera Company X-mass Market Activation



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Client Challenge/Goals:

Create an impactful and interactive vehicle display at the Toronto Christmas Market – creating content showcasing the Skandinavian design, and in particular the Bowers andWilkens sound system, in the Volvo XC90.


Key components produced/executed:

Inspired by a client idea, mundy. was able to leverage Volvo’s relationship with the Canadian Opera Company to involve one of their best singers to perform in a “Carpool Karaoke” like concept showcasing the Volvo XC90’s Skandinavian interior design and the Bowers and Wilkins Soundsystem.

Guest’s were invited inside the vehicle by a Volvo brand ambassador to experience the vehicle’s soundsystem and interior design. While they got in the vehicle another special guest joined them in the back seat – Danika Lorèn, of the Canadian Opera Company.

When the opera setting was activated on the soundsystem and the music began to play, Danika surprised guests by joining in and sang along with the music. Capture on hidden camera, the reactions of the guests made for incredible and memorable social media content.



  • Impactful and heavily engaged content was developed for Volvo social channels as well as qualified lead generation for Volvo Retailers.
  • Each case is supported with video and/or photos (6+, good resolution and quality, representing different valuable aspects of the project).

Project Included
Event Management | Creative | Print and Production | Social Media