Volvo Car Brand Ambassador program



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Client Challenge/Goals:

Support the rollout of the Volvo On Call App, the new Volvo XC40 Recharge and the brand’s ongoing commitment to electrification and sustainability via a content series with a key media personality and influencer.

Key components produced/executed:

In 2019, mundy. collaborated with Volvo to create a brand ambassador program in partnership with Amber Mac. The program was designed to generate content for both Volvo Car Canada, and Amber’s social media platforms. The initiative included various features such as an interview with Alex Lvovich, then Managing Director, to develop a spotlight supporting the Volvo On Call App rollout, and additional organic content from Amber.

Phase 2 of the program was developed in conjunction with Amber Mac media to introduce the Volvo XC40 model and the incoming managing director Matt Girgis. Matt and Amber discussed the company’s commitment to sustainability, its plans for a greener future, and the introduction of the Volvo XC40 Recharge.


Link to Matt Girgis and Amber Mac Facebook Live: Facebook Live | Facebook

Link to Vimeo – Square App with Amber Mac: Volvo App Square (

Project Included
Concept Development | Event Design | Creative | Digital | Social Media